Our team will choose the right technologies to deliver your IT projects faster and to save your budget.

Products can be built faster!

Did you know that new technologies can boost the development speed by 3-10 times?

We have a strong know-how of the cutting edge technologies and years of experience with IT projects. We delivered projects 3-10 times faster than people initially expected.

Our team will help you choose the right technologies for your product and deliver high quality solution by saving time and money.

With us, you will do more for less!


Experience and passion saves you money and time


A team of smart and passionate people with strong background in IT

Some of our work

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Our Services

Our team has experience with various technologies. We can build you everything: from mobile apps to desktop programs, from search engine to BigData analysis, from machine learning algorithms to user interfaces.

Mobile Apps

There is a revolution in mobile app development. With React Native, Ionic, Cordova, it's possible today to build Android and IOS apps extremely fast

Web Development

Fast development requires mastering cutting edge technologies. We are gurus of full stack development (backend and frontend) - React, Angular, NodeJS, Scala and of course the old and time-proven Java, Ruby on Rails, PHP.

Desktop Apps

Technologies like Electron help us quickly build desktop apps that will run everywhere: Windows, Mac OS, Linux.


We believe cloud is the best way to quickly build scalable products. AWS EC2, AWS S3, ElasticBeanstalk, Heroku are not strangers to us. But if you are not comfortable to put your data on the cloud, don't worry, we have you covered!


We work with both NoSQL databases (MongoDB, CouchDB, PouchDB, Redis) as well as traditional SQL databases (MySQL, Postgres), whatever our customer wants.

Analytics and BigData

We believe that analytics is very important for any business. We are experts of analytics solutions (Kibana, d3.js) as well as machine learning toolkits (R, TensorFlow).

Search Engines

Adding a good search engine to any business solution is not an easy task. That's why we invested into mastering the ElasticSearch engine, that we can quickly integrate into your product.

Internet of Things

Everything in the world is becoming more and more connected and many of our customers need to be up-to-date. We give it to them with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC microcontrollers, Galileo, etc.

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